Infertility treatment options

Our fertility clinic provides a wide range of fertility procedures to diagnose and treat both male and female infertility treatment options:

- Diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

- Complete investigation and treatment of medical and surgical problems of female patients.

Complete investigation and treatment of male partners.

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IVF indications

Tyler Medical Clinic has extensive research and experience with menopausal, hormonal and fertility drugs.

Not all procedures at our fertility clinic require surgery or invasive techniques such as natural ivf i.e. mini ivf. Our fertility clinic has been a leader in the research of infertility drugs.

Our esteemed fertility clinic continues to use fertility drugs as a way to help couples with infertility treatment.

Why choose our Fertility Clinic for IVF?

The Tyler Medical Clinic's IVF program, one of the first in the nation, was founded in 1983. The program started by offering a simple In Vitro Fertilization procedure for patients with absent or severely damaged fallopian tubes. Since that time, we have expanded the program to deal with a broad range of fertility issues, including male infertility factors, unexplained infertility, congenital abnormalities (such as absence of fallopian tubes or ovaries), egg donation, and surrogate pregnancies, among others.
We have also been at the cutting edge of new reproductive technology, such as Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) and the freezing of fertilized oocytes for in vitro fertilization.

During your initial infertility consultation our fertility expert will review your previous medical condition. This consultation is open for patients to ask as many questions as they wish to ask to our expert fertility specialist. Accordingly an appropriate fertility treatment options will be suggested.

Our fertility clinic will perform various tests including:

Ultrasound and Hormonal Screen
Hormonal Treatment to Accomplish Stimulation of Proper Ovarian Function
Postcoital Testing
Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)
Follicular Rupture
Gamete Intra-Fallopian Transfer (GIFT)
In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)
Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)
Zygote Intrafallopian Transfer (ZIFT)
Tubal Reanastomosis
Egg Donation with IVF
Gestational and Traditional Surrogacy
Sex Selection
Tubal Ligation Reversal
Procedures for Uterine Tumors Infertility Surgery
Complete Semen Analysis.
Sperm Cryopreservation.
Electron Microscopy of Sperm.
Penetration Tests.
Immunology Work-up and Therapy.
Donor Insemination from Sperm Bank on Promises.

Infertility treatment information

1. Why Infertility treatment Surgery?

Causes of infertility are complex, vary and may be unknown. However, achieving pregnancy with new fertility treatments have helped many women. Causes of infertility can be categorized in two ways:

* Those which can be treated by medication.

* Those which can be corrected only by a surgical procedure.

2. Why our fertility clinic is so successful?

There are really two factors which have lead to oue fertility clinic's great success over the years.

1. Our fertility doctor's long experience specifically in the field of infertility. Many of the infertility treatment procedures at our fertility center have continued to show great success.

2. Our fertility clinic responds to each patient on an individual basis, and each appointment, test or procedure is done by the fertility specialist, reducing chances of error or misinterpretation.

3. Infertility treatment procedures

A special category of surgery was developed called Infertility Treatment Surgery. Infertility treatment surgery is different from usual abdominal surgery in several specific and important ways:

- It is usually limited to the pelvic area.

- It involves parts of the reproductive organs.

- It should be corrective in nature, not destructive or extirpatory.

- Organs and their parts are removed only if absolutely necessary. Once removed they cannot be replaced.

- Surgery should be as atraumatic as possible. The organs must be handled gently and with care.

Many abnormalities caused by various diseases can be successfully corrected by an experienced surgeon, thus accomplishing two goals simultaneously: treating the disease and enabling a patient to conceive one or more children the "old-fashioned" way, without the need of In Vitro Fertilization or GIFT. If done improperly, however, surgery could make the underlying problem worse. It is important that an operating microscope and special instrumentations are used to work with utmost care and precision.

We are a quality infertility clinic operated by an infertility specialist who really takes care of his patients. Fertility evaluation always begins with a physical exam and review of your health history. An accurate infertility diagnosis maps out the fastest route to parenthood. We provide comprehensive evaluation, care and treatment for women and men in all stages of their fertility journey.

To recognize the uniqueness of such surgery and to improve communication and experience among fellow fertility surgeons, the Society of Reproductive Surgeons was formed. Dr. Peyman Saadat, our director, is a charter member of this Society. He has lectured and trained surgeons in this country as well as in Europe and South America. For his efforts he received numerous awards.