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- Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis - P.G.D. -



PGD is a technique combining the recent significant advances in molecular genetics and assisted reproductive technology. PGD allows physicians to identify various genetic diseases in the embryo (fertilized egg with several divisions) prior to implantation, that is, before the pregnancy is established. It is of special value for those who are at risk of having children with serious genetic problems.


The primary candidates for PGD are couples who might have been previously discouraged from having children of their own because of the danger of transferring genetic problems to the next generation. When the possibility of a genetic abnormality is identified, they are faced with the difficult decision to terminate the pregnancy. This decision is especially difficult for women who have had trouble conceiving and finally were able to get pregnant only through one of the assisted reproductive technologies.


Therefore, PGD is of enormous value to patients who wish both to conceive a normal child and avoid the dilemma of termination.


PGD is a procedure technically demanding and very complex, which requires specials skills. For this reason, it is available only in a handful of centers in this country.



How is PGD accomplished?



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